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Black Bear Enduro
Kanawha State Forest, WV

August 13, 2016

Black Bear XC
Kanawha State Forest, WV

August 14, 2016 


Black Bear Race Lovers -Welcome

If you are here to get information on the Black Bear XC (XC#13), you have come to the right place.This year is the 30th Annual Running of this race. In addition we will be hosting the Black Bear Enduro Race (EN#4) which is part of WVMBA 2016 Enduro Series.

Here are the details:


Donít Miss Out!

    • Free Group Camping! Camping in Dunlop Hollow Ball Field/ Some reserved sites also available at the Normal Campground Area (Closer to Amenities).Call to let me know. ††Creep-in, Sleep-in, and Rise-n-Shine at the Race!
    • Single Track Extravaganza!
    • Enduro Will Rock!
    • No Wimps Allowed!Beginners be advised, this course is DANGEROUS for all race classes. But youíll be alright.
    • Any Question? Email tearjerkers@frontier.com