Black Bear Enduro

General Race Information

Race No. 3 in the West Virginia Enduro Series, the Black Bear Enduro features four, predominantly downhill, timed sections. Each rider’s total time at the end determines final finishing order. Lowest time wins! There will be an aid station set up in Dunlop Hollow, which rider will pass through before Stage 4, Wildcat. The total ride distance is approximately 17 miles. This year’s race again features Sportident timing. The timed sections will vary with some being as short as 2-3 minutes of steep technical riding and others upwards of 8 minutes of rock gardens, log hops and a creek gap jump. The timed sections are 1) Wallfork, 2) Black Back/Mama Bear/Black Bear (New features, take note!), 3) Pine Ridge (the long way) and 4) Wildcat. If you are unfamiliar with our trails, it is highly recommended that you check them out before you race! Expect gravel/dirt climbs with sometimes steep, fast and very technical downhills. The trails chosen are our local favorites, and they are challenging! Course inspection is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED! Please get out there and know what to expect – this course has numerous drops and opportunities for speed – know your limits!

Register for $60 online HERE. On site registration is $70 and opens on race day, Sunday, May 28 @ 8:00 a.m. in Dunlop Hollow (in the camping area, near the ball field). Register for multiple events and get a significant discount! Directions available HERE. Sunday’s schedule is as follows:

  • Registration @ 8:00 in Dunlop Hollow
  • Volunteer Meeting @ 9:30
  • Mandatory Race Meeting @ 9:45
  • All Categories Start @10:00
  • Final Check/Cut-off @ 3:00
  • Food available @ 2:30
    • Racers don’t forget your meal ticket – extra food will be available for $5.
  • Podium/Awards @ 4:00
  • New Belgium Brewing Post-Race Celebration! @ 6:00 at Sam’s Uptown Cafe!

Cash prizes! Equal cash payout determined by number of registered riders. All Expert categories receive equal cash payouts for the top three in each category.  Other categories receive prizes. Everyone leaves with a smile!

Important Race Notes

Start/Finish/Cut-Off: The race starts and finishes in Dunlop Hollow. This year’s race has a 3:00 pm cut-off.  If you do not report to the finish area by the cut-off, your total time will not be counted in the final results. Be sure to check in when you arrive!

Course Inspection: The stages will be marked and open for inspection by noon on Friday, May 25. This afternoon is the the best time to practice and session! SATURDAY’S XC EXPERT RACE COURSE IS NEARLY IDENTICAL (only exception is Black Bear)! Utilize the full course map HERE.  Download .gpx files of the course HERE -Check out the Strava segments below for a taste of what to expect.

On Saturday, May 26, NO STAGES may not be ridden by riders other than those participating in the XC race from 12:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. Any reports of riders on course other than those racing in the XC race will result in disqualification from Sunday’s Enduro.  No exceptions, no excuses and no refund! If you want to ride ALL THE STAGES from 12:00-3:00 p.m. on Saturday, we highly recommend registering for the Black Bear 40k!

At all times, please be courteous to other trail users, and YIELD to uphill traffic.  We expect that there will be a large number of hikers on this popular holiday weekend. Slowing down and offering a simple wave goes a long way toward ensuring we can continue to have events such as this one.  And while WV Enduro Series rules may apply, we have only one: BE NICE! It’s why we have nice things.

Shuttles: Not on race day. Stage 1, Wallfork, is the longest stage of the day and a little warmup will help you during this stage – trust us! You will have plenty of time to get through the course, but it must be done under your own power. Not a single rider has missed the time cut of 3:00 p.m. and you are no exception.

Course Details: COMING SOON